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Divine Zape
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Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite
The Temptation of Destiny by D.M. Earley is the first entry in the Call of Destiny series. The narrative is atmospheric, written in prose that entices the reader and featuring characters who are caught between their dreams and a future that threatens those dreams. We encounter Dakota at the opening of the story, just recently graduated from law school and looking forward to settling in Wind River. Then there is Jake whose life is just wonderful, a man who has three lovely children and a successful marriage. But a glimpse into the future compels him to make choices that will affect the lives of everyone. How do we respond to prophetic visions and can we embrace the present when we know the future spells doom? This is the question that haunts the characters in The Temptation of Destiny.

This novel opens a powerful series and I loved how the author deals with existential themes. The descriptions are terrific and they capture details of the setting, leaving readers with clear pictures of the environment in which the story takes place. The story has a thought-provoking premise: what happens to our lives when we have an idea of what our future looks like? The spiritual themes run through the narrative in which two worlds seem to collide and the lives of the characters are tested. The Temptation of Destiny explores some of the hidden fears of the human spirit, exploring the anxiety that affects people when danger looms ahead. The scenes are beautifully written, the points of views clearly narrated, and the conflict is so skillfully constructed that it drives the story forward. A great read, indeed.