Since the beginning of Mankind, we have yearned to see the future, to alter events for our benefit, but…. Once seen, is it a blessing or curse?


THE TEMPTATION OF DESTINY Jake has the perfect life—a successful marriage, three great children, and a plan set in place for his future. Yet with one tragic twist of fate, all he has achieved is threatened. A glimpse into a bleak existence forces him to make decisions, and sends him on a journey that will forever alter the lives of those in his path.

Dakota, a recent graduate from law school, is eager to start her life in Wind River, a magical place to her since childhood. Legends of strong warriors and beautiful maidens, in a majestic land steeped in lore, have always captured her imagination. This is her piece of heaven on earth.

The Spirits dance across the night sky as the most vile, violent, and darkest of humanity’s secrets invade Wind River. Prophetic visions warn of a great battle, and the dead tell tales as the past and future collide.

As the struggle between the Spirit and Mortal worlds tear at the fibers of humanity, everyone has a decision to make. Is it time to tempt Destiny? Can its path be altered?

Now available at all major retailers and at Evolved Publishing, LLC


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