Review #2: Review by K.C. Finn
Reviewed By:
K.C. Finn
Review Rating:
5 Stars 

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite
The Temptation of Destiny is a work of literary fantasy and paranormal fiction penned by author D. M. Earley. Written for adults due to its dark themes and explicit language and content, this harrowing drama follows the concept of prophecy and how the temptation to know and see the future can affect even the most idyllic of human lives. We follow father-of-three Jake when a mere glimpse of the future sends him spiraling into a journey for answers and self-assurance, and the dreams of a young woman, Dakota, as she embarks on her adult life, alone for the first time. Darkness looms as Destiny awaits, and we begin to wonder whether it can be altered at all.

Suspenseful, intriguing and powerfully tense, this is a dark fantasy work like no other. Fans of many different genres, including crime, horror, and mystery will all find something they can enjoy in the pages of author D. M. Earley’s psychologically chilling vision of how the future can affect the present. The characters are well developed, and Jake in particular presents as an everyman whom most people could aspire to or relate to for his peaceful little life. His journey is harrowing, with highly atmospheric and torturous moments of narrative as his psyche is invaded by what he sees and what he thinks he knows about his own destiny. The graphic content is shocking but appropriate to the dark nature of the plot. Overall, The Temptation of Destiny is a masterclass in tension and supposition.

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